Operator Training, Programming Training, 
Training in Machinery Set-Up and Adjustment

Use of TB-DECO, TISIS preparation of machining plans, step-by-step programming in accordance with turned parts drawings, professional tips and user tricks, customised training courses.

DIN / ISO Programming
PELD Programming (Programming Extended Language for DECO), variables and macros

Introduction into the significance and use of the different types of variables in TB-DECO. Using the calculator functions. Programming with free variables at the example of a thread cutting programme.

Training course in Machinery Set-Up, Adjustment and Operation (hands-on training)

Set-up and production of parts on automatic lathes using TB-DECO programmes. Optimisation of set-up time.

Support and Advice for Set-Up and Technology

Introduction of new technologies and applications, provision of support in programming and setting-up production orders, training of less experienced personnel or transfer of knowledge and experience, in line with specific customer needs.

Special Training Courses to Customer Requirements

As coordinated with the customer and tailored to participants' needs: Tips and tricks, polygoning, C-axis and internal/external thread whirling, deep hole drilling, teeth milling, long parts option, macro-assisted cross thread milling, macro-assisted milling of torx and inclined implants, programming of various tips and tricks, locking of axes, adding additional tool supports, using shared tool catalogues, various optional macros.

All training courses in our own training facilities or at customer's premises.